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The survey of our community found most dads feel like failures. You feel too busy, your kid won’t open up to you and you walk around with regret. Understand the problem, grab the State of Biblical Fatherhood.

Be the solution

There is a solution to the problem. It’s you. Lead yourself. Then, lead your home. Then, lead a small group.

1. Lead yourself  You can be a more confident, godly dad. Grab your free eBook, Identify and Destroy.

2. Lead your son 1 on 1. We tell you what to say and when to say it. Grab Embarking 1 on 1 to start and then choose your own adventure with topics like work responsibility, leadership, and standing up to temptation. See 1 on 1 discussion guides

3. Lead a small group. Already have a small group or want to start one? We have the tools and resources you need. Get started with Embarking Group Guide and choose your own adventure depending on what your group of dads and sons need from leadership to money.

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A. Share MJ with other dads. Know a dad who could use our tips, tools and resources? Share the link to the free eBook or the free sample of our Embarking 1 on 1 Guide.

B. Share MJ with pastors, men’s ministers and churches. Be sure your pastor or church know about our 1 on 1 and Group Guides.

C. Share MJ with other ministries and organizations. We’re always on the lookout for additional partners. You can always start with this page or have the ministry leaders email Ryan Sanders.

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