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Why Manhood Journey?

If you’re like most dads, you walk around feeling like a failure as a husband and father. You don’t have to. At Manhood Journey, we believe you can turn it around and live as a more confident, godly dad who leads his family without regrets. We think you can:

  • You become a more confident dad
  • You feel like less of a failure
  • You balance your time and priorities better

How do we know this? Because we’ve seen it. It our own lives and in the lives of the dads we serve. Manhood Journey’s mission is to help fathers build the next generation of godly men. We do this through a number of resources.

Helping Fathers

We help fathers build the next generation of godly men. We do this by providing things like small group study guides that make it easy for dads to form and lead small groups with other fathers and sons. We also have strong content for one-on-one Bible study contexts and within groups where there is not a father present for every boy.

If you are a looking to be a more intentional father, we can help. If you want to start a small group of fathers and sons to encourage and pour into one another, check out our Leader Survival Guide.

See some pastors and respected leaders who support Manhood Journey. If you’d like to know what we believe, you can check out our statement of faith.

Supporting Pastors

If you are a pastor, we can help you empower fathers in your church to be more intentional in their investment in the next generation. Kyle Idleman, the teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church and Bestselling author of Not a Fan, shares the importance of pastors getting men fully engaged in their church.

Once men get engaged in Manhood Journey, they – and their sons – are more likely to get plugged into other service and missional areas in your church.

What is Manhood Journey?

1. A Bible study

There are many son-raising programs from various sources. Manhood Journey is based on the Bible. We believe that everything our young men need to know about how to be a productive and capable man is found in scripture.

Further, we believe the Holy Spirit guides the godly dad to discuss and discover what his son needs at each and every moment. With God’s Spirit guiding us and His Word serving as our “manhood manual,” we are on firm footing as we develop the next generation of godly men.

2. A discussion starter

We don’t think Manhood Journey has all the answers. Quite the opposite: we just have a ton o’ questions! Our goal is to get fathers and their sons talking about meaningful and relevant stuff. We are not overly concerned with whether the dad is perfect or has a Bible degree or is a gifted communicator.

We just want discussions to begin or continue. We hope that most groups go through a few guides then veer “off course” into content that is unique to their situation. We are Biblical fatherhood catalysts.

3. Simple commitment

(At first). Groups consist of 4 to 8 dads, who each bring a son (or sons) with them. They meet in 6-week sprints, with discussions guided by Manhood Journey Guides. The young men are normally between the ages of 8 and 15, depending on each group’s unique situation.

Young men who are fatherless through abandonment or for other reasons can be brought by a caring man who wants to pour into their lives. The groups meet in one father’s home. Most groups continue meeting after their first 6-week engagement.

4. Not rocket science

(At first). One underlying pillar of MJ: any of us can lead a group. Sure, it helps if we have some experience handling a Bible, but the only real prerequisite is a desire to disciple your son. We can equip you do to the rest. Primarily, the Leader Survival Guide is your core asset.

It covers all the basics. If you are a church pastor or men’s group leader seeking to launch multiple groups, we can come and conduct Group Leader Training. Contact us with any group launch planning questions.

A Disciple-Making Movement

We believe that discipling of young men is best done by their own father. This can open up a number of questions, so to be clear:

  • The wise dad knows he doesn’t have to go alone – he can enlist other dads for wisdom and even point his own son to other men who can add value.
  • A godly mom is crucial – we fully advocate an active, engaged mother in a son’s life. If anything, they are often more engaged than us dads. We simply want dads to step up as their boys head into their “double-digit” years.
  • Church leaders are key for reinforcement – but, they are not the primary discipling mechanism for our sons. We encourage men to get their sons engaged in youth groups, volunteering and other church activities. But, that should serve to reinforce, not replace, what we are already doing at home.
  • Some young men have no engaged father – this program is perfect for those young men if we can pair them up with a caring man who will pour into them. Some of us did not have an engaged godly father helping us figure life out. However, we found other men we could model ourselves after and learn from.

Be Encouraged and Stay Informed

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Recent Media Coverage

Aside from the numbers, Manhood Journey is grateful to have been featured on several major outlets and partnered with some amazing organizations. Allow us to name a few:

Partners and Friends

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Kent Evans is the Executive Director of Manhood Journey. Kent is married to April, his wife of 22 years and has five sons ranging from age 2 to 18. He’s founder of Manhood Journey and author of Wise Guys.

Ryan Sanders is the Director of Outreach at Manhood Journey. Ryan is married to Tonia and they have three children. He serves at McLean Bible Church as a City Pastor and lives in Washington, DC. Learn about Ryan here and find him on Twitter

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